Camping Destinations in United Kingdom


I’ve always loved camping, it has always been a wonderful outdoor activity of children with their family or friends and it is a great way to reconnect with nature as well. If you are still wondering where to spend your holidays or the summer vacation, here is a list of camping destination you should consider to visit with your whole family.

1. The Secret Campsite

The Secret Campsite isn’t as secretive as its name. The owner actually want to let the people know about this campsite and it’s secret which is to stay special at first glance. Once you arrive on the parking area where the reception is also located at, you will then follow the pathway that leads to a railway bridge where the campsite is located at. With the magic of the bridge, this makes the campsite a secret, don’t you think?

2. Bloomfield Camping

Who wouldn’t want to stay on a place with blossoming and colourful wild flowers around? The Bloomfield Camping site have tents sheltered by trees. Every time you get to wake up in this place, you’ll feel as if you are living in a very fresh place. It is a perfect and warming place to bond with the whole family.

3. Eco Camp UK at Wild Boar Wood

Have you ever heard of this place? Or have you ever booked and camp at Eco Camp UK at Wild Boar Wood? If you still haven’t then you would never know where this place is located at since this semi-luxury campsite’s location would only be revealed after you have booked your stay. This makes camping a bit more exciting and mysterious.

Wherever the campsite is, always keep in mind that it would be a perfect getaway for you and your family or friends to get together. It is also a perfect moment for you to see how beautiful the outdoors is.

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Hiking Tips for Beginners


Hiking in definition may just mean just having a long walk on a trail but with the every steps I take, I believe that this activity have something better to do with my health. It is a good opportunity for me to burn some calories and at the same time to breathe some fresh air especially if I do it to a less polluted place.

Here are some important hiking tips that I can show you for you to have better hiking moments:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking water once in a while and make sure that you have brought enough for your entire hike.

  • Bringing snacks along with you is also advisable to keep your energy on track along with your willingness to complete the trail. Never risk to hold back your hunger and just continue your journey until you reach your goal because you will end up to eat more than what you have burned on your walk.

  • Apply sunscreens to avoid having damaged skin at the end of the day. You are also allowed to use hats or caps that would protect your hair and sun glasses for your eyes from the direct sunlight.

  • If you bring a lot of things on your hike, make sure to organize your stuffs on your backpack to avoid some problems on trying to find them when you already need them.

  • Always bring your first aid kit while you are on a hike to have yourself treated right away after having an injury along the way. You also have to know some emergency tips like starting a bonfire in case the night comes before you arrive on your destined place.

  • As much as possible, bring a hiking buddy along with you for you to have someone to aid you when your injury is way too risky already.

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Reasons For Runners To Run


A lot of people ask, “Why are you always running outside when you can have a workout at home?” I have lots of answers to that. For one thing, it have been a great life changer. Here is a list of more reasons why marathon runners like myself always prefer to run.

  • Running on a marathon is a great motivator. It challenges everyone to focus on a goal and that is the finish line.

  • Instead of troubling myself with sweets that causes myself to be overweight, I would prefer to run and avoid becoming depressed over and over again.

  • As mentioned above, we get so motivated to get to the finish line and along with that, we can get a proof of our achievements through the medals that we gain.

  • Running on a marathon is also a good opportunity for us to meet new friends who have the same goals like ours.

  • Running increases positivity to a person. Running makes us alive and happy. It allows us to forget the stress that life has given us plus it has given us so much fun!

No matter what your reason is, running is a great activity for us to break free from all of the trouble that we got from home, work or even in school. To be able to participate on a long run also give a good positive effect to our body, specifically to our heart. Muscles tend to become stronger as well which could help you to overcome the problems of having over fatigue.

In addition, you don’t have to be fast when having a long run as well. Speed doesn’t matter, what is important is the distance that you can handle. But if you really want to have lots of marathon medals on your collection, then you have to start preparing for the next marathon you are about to join today!

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I think of your fitness. Yes, I love everything there is with personal training and sports. But I love seeing people improve over the years with their health and physique.

But often, I hear people say they can’t work out. But there’s no excuses with this type of tip.

You and your family could enjoy workouts like this!

Can’t think of another way to spend a weekend with your family? I recommend to go outside of your porch today and see the beauty around you. I have always been so attached to the environment that I have especially because England is, without a doubt, a wonderful place.

Let’s have a look on these 5 options that you can consider to have another exciting and unique weekend experience together with your whole family!

  • If you and your family or even friends are looking for a high adrenaline excitement, then quad biking should be a part of your list. It is a fun ride where you can enjoy without a doubt.

  • Stay alert when you are about to join a paintball combat. You and your family can reimagine a scenario and act as if you are in a real combat. Paintball can be messy but it can never replace the fun you will have.

  • Let your little kids try an activity that is quite similar to paintball as well with laser tag. The only difference of it is that it is less messy and they won’t feel any pain at all.

  • Can’t help but fall in love with the beach and the waves? Then let your family try surfing! There are already a lot of surfing lessons in England that teach people of all ages. Plus, it would be a better way to enjoy a very hot day, too!

  • Adrenaline rush at its best, just never let go of the paddle and your life vest! In a white water rafting adventure, be aware that you will be facing powerful and fast rapids.

Whether on land or on water, there will always be great activities that you can try with your whole family. You just have to know where to look and ready yourself because these are all action-packed adventures!

How’s that for a starter? Read on for the others and see if it works for you!

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