A Short, Informative Introduction!

Weekend is a gift. These are days that I really spend with my family. After all, with our busy week, our job, school and stuff, only on weekends you can be free from all of those stresses and of course, spend time with your loved one and family.


In our society today, most of us are always busy. As a result, many people, especially the students may have already forgotten how to bond with their parents and their siblings but for my family, we really don’t want that to happen. I really do my best that I get to have my weekends free of anything. I make sure that I can get to spend every time of these days for my family. But what do my family and me are doing during our weekends? Well, it’s simple enough. Sometimes we just stay at home and watch a movie or maybe even go to malls and restaurants. Some of you may say that watching movies, dinner on your favourite restaurant isn’t your thing anymore and we’ve felt that long ago as well and that’s the time when me and my sisters look for some activities anywhere around England that can really pump up our weekends and that is, outdoors!


Yes, it is totally an unusual weekend place for activity but it worked. My sisters and I were really enjoying our weekend. There are actually many things that we can do with just being outdoors. You can play games just outside your home, you can just walk through the park without minding anyone. Or maybe even read a book or have a picnic. The possible activities are endless. Just try to think of something that you may like doing or something that interests you and it will surely be fun. But with those many ideas and activities that you can do in outdoors, I have my very own list of what I like.


Here are my favourites:

  • Quad biking – my parents never say no for high adrenaline excitement that’s why we let them try this last year. We’ve seen that they really enjoyed their entire ride!
  • Paintball combat – perfect activity to those who have lots of family members like ours! It may be kind of messy but who cares? It was so colourful and fun and I didn’t even washed my shirt after that right away because I don’t want to get over with the kind of fun I just felt.
  • Laser tag – my nephews were so jealous when we were playing paintball that’s why we let them try laser tag which is less messy.
  • Surfing – we never miss out the beach while we can especially when the sun is up. I even let my little children try it as well. Who would’ve thought that my girls could be the next soul surfers, right?
  • White water rafting adventure – adrenaline rush at its best, we really never let go of our paddles and life vests!

Whether on land or on water, there will always be great activities that we can try with our whole family. We are even thinking of other activities for the next weekend already.

Talk to you soon!

-Eddie Vernes, Chief Editor

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