My Top 3 Camping Destinations in the UK


One of my favourite holidays with my family isn’t what most people would call a holiday. We’re not staying in a 5 star villa, there is no pool, and we don’t spend all day drinking, okay, maybe we do the last one sometimes. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m talking about camping. I love taking weekend trips away with the family to go camping. I’ve been camping all over the world, but there are plenty of amazing spots in the UK that I visit again and again. Here are my top 3 favourites:

  1. The Secret Campsite

The Secret Campsite isn’t as secretive as its name. I went there for the first time with my high school buddies and we were so awed with how the owner of the place have come up with such an idea of a campsite. The moment we’ve arrived on the parking area where the reception was also located at, we were instructed to follow a pathway that leads to a railway bridge where the campsite can be found. It was a great experience especially because all of us really wanted to have another unique adventure that time. From what I’ve read on their website, they are really building a campsite not a theme park that’s why our stay on that wonderful secret campsite ended up very relaxing and satisfying.

  1. Bloomfield Camping

Next on my list is the Bloomfield Camping. The moment I’ve stepped my feet on this site made be so pretty since there were so many blossoming and colourful wild flowers around me. Every time I wake up on that camp, I feel as if I was living in a very fresh place. Not only that, I really enjoyed there as well because they offer different kinds of activities that even my kids have enjoyed.

  1. Eco Camp UK at Wild Boar Wood

Have you ever heard of Eco Camp UK? Well for me, it’s a really great place to wander off and reconnect with nature since I’ve witnessed that my children themselves have let go of their gadgets. I know, I bet it was the most successful thing that I have achieved. I really wanted my children to let go of their gadget sometimes but most of my attempt failed. This is the first and finally, it worked. We sat around the campfire at night, talked a lot and had s’mores that we really loved! During the night, the air was so fresh that makes me cuddle with my wife. Oh I wish I can come back there anytime sooner because I know, my children would love it too.

There goes my list but I hope I can still visit more campsites soon. Aside from these places, there are absolutely more wonderful ones. I may have not yet visited those places but I would love too. You should also try to visit other ones and enjoy having your camping trip whether it is with your family and friends. Hit the road and camp now. Have another fantastic holidays!

-Jansen Meyers, Contributor


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Why Do I Love Running? Not That I’m A Pain Nut, But You’ll See!

Running can be very exhausting but it can be beneficial to your body and health. But most people doesn’t really understand my reasons. A lot of people ask, “Why are you always running outside when you can have a workout at home?” I have lots of answers to that. For one thing, it have been a great life changer. Here is a list of more reasons why marathon runners like myself always prefer to run.


  • Running on a marathon is a great motivator. It challenges me to focus on a goal and that is the finish line. You know that feeling when you start doing something, you will need to be able to finish it. That is what I always believe in. Finish what you have started. This mantra of mine also applies to my running. It’s what keeps me going to finish until the finish line.
  • Instead of troubling myself with sweets that causes myself to be overweight, I would prefer to run and avoid becoming depressed over and over again. Running is an anti-stressor. It can keep you from being stressed out as well as making your body fit. If ever I have a stressful day, I just run and when I am done, I could feel that all of the stressful things that I have felt is done. I can still think about it but the stress energy? Nada. Also, whenever I feel like I am gaining weight, running is my solution. I can actually shed pounds in just a round. The more I sweat during running, the more effective it is.
  • As mentioned above, I get so motivated to get to the finish line and along with that, I can get a proof of the achievements that I had through the medals that I’ve gain. I do join running competitions and fun run. And when I do win, it is a great achievement.
  • Running on a marathon is also a good opportunity for me to meet new friends who have the same goals like mine. Since I love running, running on marathons is always a must. And because I usually join all by myself, I have no friends with me. But I do make new acquaintances and eventually I get to be friends with them.
  • Running increases positivity to a person. Running makes me feel alive and happy. It allows me to forget the stress that life has given me plus it has given me so much fun!

No matter what anybody’s reason is, running is a great activity for us to break free from all of the trouble that we got from home, work or even in school. Participating on a long run also gave a good and positive effect to my body, specifically to my bones. Based from what I’ve read from a certain website, running is an exercise that develop lower-body lean muscle mass.

In addition, I can also say that on a marathon, we don’t really have to be fast. Speed doesn’t matter, what is important is the distance that we can handle. But if you really want to have lots of marathon medals on your collection, then you have to start preparing for the next marathon you are about to join today!

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Hiking Tips for Beginners Like Me


I am never much of a healthy person and I never had a healthy lifestyle either. I eat whatever I want and I just rarely go to the gym. However, just last year, I always felt dizzy and I assumed that maybe the reason why it happened to me is because I don’t work out at all. Much to say, it has also been a long time already since I’ve breathe fresh air. That’s the time that I’ve found out about hiking and I’ve read from a source that hiking won’t just give me fresh air to breathe and nice views to watch but it is also a good way to work out as well.

I really admit that I had a hard time first because I really don’t know the basics of hiking but here are some important hiking tips that I can show you for you to have better hiking moments:

  • Stay hydrated. I really drink water once in a while and make sure that I’ve brought enough for the entire hike. Water can keep yourself hydrated. Because you are hiking, assuming in mountains, you do sweat. Sweating can make you dehydrated and it can cause a lot of problems to your health.
  • Bring snacks along with you. It’s really a good idea for me especially when I am really planning to go on a long hike. However, I really make sure that I am bringing healthy snacks that allows my energy to stay on track and for me to complete the trail. It is also fun eating my snacks while walking and watching all the scenic scenes in my surrounding.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Apply sunscreens to avoid having damaged skin at the end of the day. I also advise to wear hats or caps to protect your hair and sun glasses for your eyes from the direct sunlight. There was this one time that I hike only a short distance from the city to my office, it was 10 am by the way. After I hiked, I noticed when I got into my office that I already have a sunburn. I was wearing a criss cross sandals and it marked into my skin. It was really awkward whenever I take off my sandals as you see the sunburn marks on my feet. And this is why sunscreens are important, may it be for a short hike or a long one.
  • Organize your stuffs on your backpack. I am really not an organized person, but I’ve always remembered my first hike and I ended up a mess and I can’t find my things when I needed them the most.
  • Always bring your first aid kit. We never know an accident might happen and as much as possible whenever that might happen to me, which I pray that it won’t, I can tend to my injury right away.
  • Bring a hiking buddy. My hiking buddy is my best friend and she really is a good company and really motivates me to keep going whenever I feel that I can’t make it anymore.

With these said, I’m pretty sure anyone would love hiking right away as I’ve loved it when I’ve started following these.

-Jenny, Staff Writer

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A Short, Informative Introduction!

Weekend is a gift. These are days that I really spend with my family. After all, with our busy week, our job, school and stuff, only on weekends you can be free from all of those stresses and of course, spend time with your loved one and family.


In our society today, most of us are always busy. As a result, many people, especially the students may have already forgotten how to bond with their parents and their siblings but for my family, we really don’t want that to happen. I really do my best that I get to have my weekends free of anything. I make sure that I can get to spend every time of these days for my family. But what do my family and me are doing during our weekends? Well, it’s simple enough. Sometimes we just stay at home and watch a movie or maybe even go to malls and restaurants. Some of you may say that watching movies, dinner on your favourite restaurant isn’t your thing anymore and we’ve felt that long ago as well and that’s the time when me and my sisters look for some activities anywhere around England that can really pump up our weekends and that is, outdoors!


Yes, it is totally an unusual weekend place for activity but it worked. My sisters and I were really enjoying our weekend. There are actually many things that we can do with just being outdoors. You can play games just outside your home, you can just walk through the park without minding anyone. Or maybe even read a book or have a picnic. The possible activities are endless. Just try to think of something that you may like doing or something that interests you and it will surely be fun. But with those many ideas and activities that you can do in outdoors, I have my very own list of what I like.


Here are my favourites:

  • Quad biking – my parents never say no for high adrenaline excitement that’s why we let them try this last year. We’ve seen that they really enjoyed their entire ride!
  • Paintball combat – perfect activity to those who have lots of family members like ours! It may be kind of messy but who cares? It was so colourful and fun and I didn’t even washed my shirt after that right away because I don’t want to get over with the kind of fun I just felt.
  • Laser tag – my nephews were so jealous when we were playing paintball that’s why we let them try laser tag which is less messy.
  • Surfing – we never miss out the beach while we can especially when the sun is up. I even let my little children try it as well. Who would’ve thought that my girls could be the next soul surfers, right?
  • White water rafting adventure – adrenaline rush at its best, we really never let go of our paddles and life vests!

Whether on land or on water, there will always be great activities that we can try with our whole family. We are even thinking of other activities for the next weekend already.

Talk to you soon!

-Eddie Vernes, Chief Editor

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