Base Jumping
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BASE stands for Building, Antennae, Span(bridges) and Earth(cliffs). It is thought by many to be the ultimate in dangerous sports.

Basically these daredevils climb to the top of a buildings, antennas, bridges etc, then jump off and open their chutes in time to make a safe landing. In the past people have jumped off the Empire State building and the Eiffel Tower to name a few. This sport is not exactly legal in the UK, but there are some organized events arranged around the world every year. If you ask someone who base jumps regularly what it feels like to jump they will usually tell you that it is the ultimate adrenalin rush and can only be appreciated when jumping. They use specialist chutes and gear which is designed to open quicker than a normal chute and a lot of waiting for the correct conditions and working out the logistics of the jump is involved.

But be warned a lot of people have died attempting base jumping so we suggest you leave it to the professionals.

It's thought to be the most dangerous sport in the world and with good reason.

If you think base jumping looks a piece of cake and you are considering following the path of many thrill seekers then take a look at the World B.A.S.E jumping fatality list.

It may change your mind and bring base jumping into perspective.

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