What does a bungee Jump involve ?
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When you do a bungee jump it basically involves jumping off of a platform which could be a crane or a bridge, with a elastic bungee rope attached to you to stop you hitting the ground. In the most extreme cases from a helecopter or a balloon. You are attached to the bungee rope by a harness which usually goes around your waist a bit like a climbing harness. In some cases the harness is attachted around the waist and legs so that you jump head first rather than flat.

You then climb to the correct height for the jump. When its time to make that jump the first thing you will notice is that it seems alot higher when you are up there than when you were on the ground.

Then as you jump, the overwhelming feeling of falling towards the ground completely takes over you and the adrenalin flows around your body like a shot. Which usually makes you shout out some sort of swear word.

Unfortunatley Bungee jumping is not cheap so a few jumps could cost you. But hey who needs money. I'll leave you to decide.

Right - A tandem jump is sometimes an option.

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