Dave's first Bungee
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When Dave decided to do his first bungee, fear wasn't a factor.... well until he was sitting in the cage anyway. The sudden realization of what he was about to do suddenly dawned on him. As the cage slowly gained in height the nerves began to build and things weren't so clear cut anymore.

Is that a worried face Dave?

The small gate opened at the top and it was time to jump. He's leans forward, and his whole body and his brain is saying yes jump, but his hands won't let go of the cage. This happened five times before the bungee instructor came up with a plan. As Dave proceeded to cross his arms across his chest as instructed a count of five was agreed, then he had to jump.

Unfortunately for Dave on two the instructor gave him a shove and he went plummeting to earth like a mummy in fall wrap. This was to a great applause and cheering from the people on the ground who had slowly been getting behind him from watching the ordeal unfold.

Definitely a day Dave will never forget!!!

To find out more about the UK Bungee Club who we jumped with take a visit to their website and find out where they are next.
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