Reverse Bungee
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A Classic !

Ever wanted to sit in a cage with a mate and be fired 200 feet in the air before bouncing up and down uncontrollably then finally slowing down enough to be lowered down and see what the damage is on the video. If so the Reverse Bungee is for you. It usually costs £12.50 each for two people and is a great laugh.

As you can see the tension before they let you go is quite intense and really gets you in the mood for shooting hundreds of feet in the air. The feeling of gee force on the way up is amazing and then after that you have to shoot towards the earth at some ungodly speed. Great Laugh.

This really is a great way to get into bungee events.

So this is how it works-

First of all you you are strapped in and the harness is pulled down over your head to secure you in. Then the bungee ropes are tightened to the correct tension. Before you know it boom you are shooting 200 feet into the air. On the way down you could be facing anywhere, usually the ground. After about 30 seconds of bouncing up and down uncontrollably they lower the cage and secure you to the ground.

For an additional six pounds you can have the video of the onboard camera which is positioned at the front of the cage and picks up all of the mouthed swear words and funny faces you pull on the way up.

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