Tristan's Bungee
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I had already done a few jumps before this but every jump feels like the first for me due to my fear of heights. Being the one who suggested we do these bungee jumps, it was time for me to put my money where my mouth was and do another jump. Unfortunately inside I was shaking like a baby. I was first to go up so I had to try to hide my nerves and make it look easy. Easier said than done.
But as the crane started to rise all that went out of my head. The sudden prospect of launching myself from the crane towards earth was almost to much to bear. The crane stopped and the cage door was opened. I looked down and wondered if I would ever talk to the smiling faces on the ground again. Then the thought of making it look OK came into my mind.
I was given the all clear to jump and without even thinking whether I was a good idea to do this I had jumped and was heading to earth at a terrifying speed. After a few bounces It was all over. I had survived and more importantly I hadn't screamed or bottled it. Now it's my turn to watch.
  To find out more about the UK Bungee Club who we jumped with take a visit to their website and find out where they are next.
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