Have a Barbie

There are many ways of cooking food when you are camping but one of the favorites has to be a good old barbie. The first thing to remember is to put your barbie on bricks, because camp site owners don't like burnt patches on their pitches. Not only that you want hot food not a grassland fire !

You can cook almost anything on them with a bit of imagination, even veggy stuff if there are any veggies out there.

Of coarse beef burgers, sausages etc are all nice on the barbie but you can also cook things like stew, stir fry, curry and chilies to name a few. Use an old pan because it will give the bottom a nice black effect cooking this way. So when everyone is tucking down to a burnt sausage in a roll you can relax and enjoy sweet a sour stir fry as shown left & right. mmmmmm.

If you are camping for a week cooking this sort of food in this way can make a real difference.

Beans & sausages can get boring and can cause arguments between fellow campers at night if you know what I mean !


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