Buyers guide to cookers & stoves

When it comes to cookers and stoves there are some things which you should take into consideration when buying one. They are things like: weight, size, conditions of use and cost. Below are a few examples on the market.

This is a cheap gas stove which costs about £15 and is great when visiting sites and cooking small meals or boiling up a cup of tea. But can only hold one pan at a time and suffers under the effects of wind. They use gas as fuel and can be quickly and easily changed and cost about £2.

  Left is a more expensive stove minus the fuel can and costs between £40-80. But they will burn well under strong wind and will heat a pan of water in no time at all. This is the sort of stove which you would associate with hiking & mountaineering when weight and durability are essential.
The cooking set below packs up into reasonable sized package after use and runs on mentholated spirits. It fairly light in weight and you get so many pans with it compared to weight. The heat which this cooker generates is surprising and it is easy to clean. One tip don't use metal spoons to stir with because you will scratch the coating off the pans. This cooker doesn't suffer from the wind much due to the way it is set up. You can buy a set for about £25 but there are better sets for another £10 or so.
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