Surf Skis

The only way to describe a surf ski is a kayak which you sit ontop of instead of get in. They are perfect for riding down waves and are very bouyant. You sit on top in the seat and your feet rest against ridges which are all different lengths away from the seat to suit everybody. A basic know how of paddling will help but in most cases when hiring you can get a quick lesson.

Helmets & life jackets will also be provided if you hire.

To ride a wave firstly paddle out through the waves and position yourself behind where they are breaking. Face the beach and wait for the wave you want to surf down starts to get closer to you. Start paddling towards the beach and if the wave is big enough you will feel it pick you up. Use the paddle as a rudder to steer yourself down the wave. This is done by sticking the paddle into the wave as shown by the picture of Tris to the left. This is easy to pick up and is great fun.

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