Hiking Tips for Beginners Like Me


I am never much of a healthy person and I never had a healthy lifestyle either. I eat whatever I want and I just rarely go to the gym. However, just last year, I always felt dizzy and I assumed that maybe the reason why it happened to me is because I don’t work out at all. Much to say, it has also been a long time already since I’ve breathe fresh air. That’s the time that I’ve found out about hiking and I’ve read from a source that hiking won’t just give me fresh air to breathe and nice views to watch but it is also a good way to work out as well.

I really admit that I had a hard time first because I really don’t know the basics of hiking but here are some important hiking tips that I can show you for you to have better hiking moments:

  • Stay hydrated. I really drink water once in a while and make sure that I’ve brought enough for the entire hike. Water can keep yourself hydrated. Because you are hiking, assuming in mountains, you do sweat. Sweating can make you dehydrated and it can cause a lot of problems to your health.
  • Bring snacks along with you. It’s really a good idea for me especially when I am really planning to go on a long hike. However, I really make sure that I am bringing healthy snacks that allows my energy to stay on track and for me to complete the trail. It is also fun eating my snacks while walking and watching all the scenic scenes in my surrounding.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Apply sunscreens to avoid having damaged skin at the end of the day. I also advise to wear hats or caps to protect your hair and sun glasses for your eyes from the direct sunlight. There was this one time that I hike only a short distance from the city to my office, it was 10 am by the way. After I hiked, I noticed when I got into my office that I already have a sunburn. I was wearing a criss cross sandals and it marked into my skin. It was really awkward whenever I take off my sandals as you see the sunburn marks on my feet. And this is why sunscreens are important, may it be for a short hike or a long one.
  • Organize your stuffs on your backpack. I am really not an organized person, but I’ve always remembered my first hike and I ended up a mess and I can’t find my things when I needed them the most.
  • Always bring your first aid kit. We never know an accident might happen and as much as possible whenever that might happen to me, which I pray that it won’t, I can tend to my injury right away.
  • Bring a hiking buddy. My hiking buddy is my best friend and she really is a good company and really motivates me to keep going whenever I feel that I can’t make it anymore.

With these said, I’m pretty sure anyone would love hiking right away as I’ve loved it when I’ve started following these.

-Jenny, Staff Writer

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