Cheese Rolling
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(Cooper's Hill Annual Cheese Rolling and Wake)

The Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake has been held annually on the spring bank holiday for hundreds of years. It's held in Gloucestershire and broken bones are not uncommon. The prize a block of Gloucester's finest cheese.

Basically you line up at the top of the very steep hill and the cheese, which really is a block of cheese is rolled down the hill. This is the signal to chase and grab the cheese.

The first person to grab the cheese at the bottom wins it. It doesn't take more than a few steps before the competitors are tumbling down the hill, sometimes head over heel. You either end up in the local pub for a few pints and you version of the event or in hospital having some bones mended. You really do enter this at your own risk. To find out more on this great event visit the website below.

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