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UK Active "A site covering many outdoors pursuits, extreme sports and other strange activities. Life is for living so follow your dreams."

UK Active "Save money on outdoor activities across the UK for free! We also cover many outdoors pursuits, extreme sports and other strange activities. Life is for living so follow your dreams."

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Free Advertising- Free advertising!!! surely not. I'm afraid it's true. Due to the way the site is ran by the UK-active team we can offer you free advertisement. All we ask is that you mention to your customers.

If you would like to donate something towards the running costs of the site then feel free to do so by clicking on the "DONATE" button. However big or small, it all helps to keep the site running and up to date. A big thanks to all who have so far.

We need your help- The Uk-active team are trying to make this site as up to date as possible and covering as many extreme sports, motor sports, outdoors pursuits and activities as we can. We are not professionals, but beginners trying many of the things covered for the first time. You only live once so are view is fit as much into it as possible. Sample everything and always have a go. But to do this we need a little help from people involved in all of the above. If you have any information or pictures which you would like to submit about your favorite past time then drop us an email.

The Team- Well what can I say about the team. They are easily approachable and are always willing to help and talk about any concerns or questions which you may have. If you see the team around then introduce yourselves even if you are not advertising on the site. Maybe you might want to get involved in a different way. We are based in Bristol but try to travel to the far ends of the country when weather permits! This doesn't mean that because you are based somewhere like Cumbria we won't cover your area as much as local area's. The team are trying to achieve a good balance so help is always appreciated.

The Future- Well the future is never black and white but we aim to be one of the leading sites covering as many activities, pursuits and extreme sports as we can. To achieve this goal we need help and input from people all over the UK involved in all the things covered. From pictures to information, whatever it is, it will probably come in useful. If you are still not interested in the free advertising by now then thanks for taking the time to read about us and good luck in the future.

Many thanks

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