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UK-Active was originally set up as a way of sharing information on many of the outdoors sports and pursuits we participated in and a great way to learn about the ones we didn't, but were interested in trying. With views and experiences from total beginners to the more experienced we hoped that everyone visiting this site could relate to most if not some of it. Since starting this site a lot has happened but the aim of providing free advice, up to date guides and plenty of pictures to view is as strong as ever. But please remember that this web site is only a rough guide and some facts are subject to change and some views are personal views and not shared by everyone. For more information click here. **Many thanks **.
If you are visiting this web site from a magazine, television channel or production company feel free to contact any of us on our personal email address's or just drop an email to the main address at [email protected] and we will do our best to help or provide you with what you need or researching.
Tristan Bawn
I was always interested in the outdoors as a kid and in my early twenty's I rediscovered the urge whilst walking in the Brecon Beacons. From then things have gone from a hobbie to a passion and I don't think I will ever have money sitting in the bank ever again! The most satisfying thing I have learnt is introducing someone new to the outdoor scene and is the whole point of the site!
Vicky Bawn [email protected]
Vicky was brought up racing cars and camping at an early age and after a short break is now back walking UK hills and mountains and even went to 4,000 metres plus in Peru following the Inka Trail. She has also tried here hand at surfing, canoeing, power kites, diving, windsurfing, snorkelling and is very handy with a video camera too!
Andrew Caird [email protected]
After spending most of his life growing up in Canada Andy moved to the UK. By far the most experienced climber he has ticked off many mountains around the world including Kilimanjaro, Mount Blanc, Elbrus and a endless list in the UK. He has also has experience in Canoeing, Skiing, Rock climbing, Ultra marathons, endurance cycling, surfing and many more.
Alastair Sinclair [email protected]
Alastair has a strange fetish for mixing body boarding with the Severn bore. He is also involved with the filming and editing part of the site and has joined in with various activities like Fishing, canyoning, rafting, climbing, zipwires and more. Always up for trying most activities we have covered so far and looking forward to many more.
Louise Towler [email protected]
Louise is our most experienced scuba diver working on the site and is always up for trying most activities. She has also been involved with canyoning, rafting, camping, scrambling, trekking and also has a long list of things to do in life. You can also help her raise money for the Alzheimer's Society by sponsoring her trekking the Inca Trail in Peru in May 2010 or entering one of the raffles organised on her Just Giving site.
Steve Harris [email protected]
Steve is a keen walker and likes nothing more than entering those events in the UK that you just have to try once. Has also been involved with scrambling in north Wales on the site and always looking for his next adventure.
Nathan Maurice [email protected]
Nathan is the most experienced surfer linked with the site and has surfed breaks all over the world. He has also got a lot of experience surfing the Severn Bore which is where you can usually find him hanging about at the crack of dawn if he's not riding around on his bike!
Rob Yates [email protected]
A keen snorkeller and walker, Rob has been getting more involved with the site over the last year and will be involved in the future for sure. He also has experience in canoeing and camping with a long list planned for the future.
Other friends and faces of UK-Active
Paul Worgan
Andy McCaughey
Alan Phillips
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