How to use bread
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Bread is truly one of the best baits available and cost's practically nothing. It will catch all none predatory fish and can be put on the hook in many different ways. As to which method you use with bread is entirely up to you, they all work.

The first one is bread punch which works well for smaller fish like roach and dace under a float fished in the margins or using a pole setup. For more information on bread punch click here.

Bread flake is a great bait to use when dropping a bait in the margins or under a waggler. Of course there are other ways to use it like feeder and leger setups. Works really well for carp, bream, chub and big roach.

Simply tear off the white fluffy bit of the bread and fold it around the hook, making sure you squeeze it together above the top of the hook and knot as shown in the picture.

Bread crust is simple to hook on and works best in the summer when the fish are feeding from the surface. Fresh bread will come off the hook when you cast out so it's best to leave a couple of slices out in the sun to dry and go hard. This will improve the distance of your cast and keep the bait on the hook for longer whilst in the water.

Bread crumb is a bait great to use in a open end feeder or as balls of ground bait. Chub and roach are especially partial to the crumb fished with a bread flake on the hook.

To prepare bread crumb simply gather up all of the spare crusts and liquidise them into crumb. Spread this bread crumb out on a tray in a warm room for a couple of days until the crumb is dry and crunchy. Then simply add a little water when using it on the bank. A great and cheap alternative to pre bagged ground bait.

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