Fishing for winter Carp
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Catching winter Carp at the Acorn Carp Fishery.

Catching Carp in the depths of winter often seems like a wasted trip when you take a look out of your window and see cold, wet and windy weather! But even in the worst weather conditions you can still catch. They still have to feed!

This page is based on a 24 hour session in January at the Acorn fisheries in Somerset. We decided to stay in one of the small cabins dotted around the lake. They are right next to the water and give you so much more warmth than in a bivvy. Just cutting out the wind can make a big difference.

We arrived early afternoon and packed our gear into the cabin. With the wind in our faces and an island in front of us, meant we were left with a nice calm area just in front of the island. This was where we were going to cast our baits.

I had been told by a few people including Alastair about fishing with method feeders in a situation like this. Method mix for the feeder and boilies (Mainline Pineapple & Active 8 popup's) for hook bait.

A couple hours later after a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, Alastair's alarms bleeped and on striking found he had a Carp around a pound in weight hanging on. Oh well it was still a Carp. At least that's what he told me! I missed a run about 30 minutes later and by now it was pitch black and around 8:00pm. I decided to have a lie down when my alarm went off and i struck into my first Carp of the session. OK so not a lump either but we were catching Carp at night in the winter.

Things were a little quiet then until around midnight when Alastairs rod went crazy and after a mad scramble out of the door, struck into something a little bit better. It took it's time coming in with a few really good surging runs but eventually came to the net. A really nice 13lb 8oz Common Carp. Well OK it's not going to be in the headlines of Anglers mail but a beauty for a hard earned winters night.

We had a few more missed runs which were really strange and Alastair lost one after a short battle but overall we had been fairly successful for a January night. It certainly gave me more confidence to fish for Carp more in the winter.

************For more information on this trip, watch the full video clip by clicking here************
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