Peperami for carp

Do carp really like peperami? Time to find out.

Peperami is one of those baits which you have heard of working but are still not sure whether to try it or not. So i decided that i would give it a go whilst fishing a night session at a local stillwater. I setup two rods with sliding legers and both with braid hooklengths. Simple but very effective rigs on this water and the lighter the weight you can get away with the better. The fish here are usually caught in the margins due to the average depth being 6-9 feet.
So i chopped up a peperami into pieces around 2-3 cm long and chucked a couple of them under a tree overhanging the bank to the right of me.
I then carefully swung my rig under the tree on top of the freebies. I also like to add a few handfulls of carp pellets into the swim to give off an oily smell.

So what can i say about peperami? Well firstly because of the toughness it stays on the hair rig well, stops smaller fish from pecking away at it and really brings on some powerfull takes. I started catching bream on it at first so i increased the size of the hookbait. I had a quiet night with one small run but at around 6.00am my alarms were screaming and i struck into a nice feeling carp. It turned out to be a 12lb 10oz common carp.

My first carp on peperami. I have more faith now and will be taking one with me where ever i go. T.Bawn
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