Which baits to use ?
Maggots- Maggots cost about £2.20 a pint. They are the maggot of the bluebottle and are the most popular bait used by pleasure anglers. They come in lots of colours although red, white and bronze are the most popular. The blacker the spot at the pointed end of the maggot the fresher they are. They will catch almost everything and will last a couple of days if kept in a cool place.
Casters- Casters cost about £2.80 a pint. They are the chrysalis stage of the maggot, before they hatch into flies. When the shells of the casters are pale they will sink, but when they dry out from being exposed they go a dark brown and float. Casters can pick out the bigger fish out of a shoal. Fill a bait box with water to separate the sinkers and floaters.
Worms- You can collect worms from the garden but if you buy them from your local tackle shop for a few quid. There are three types that you can use, Lobworm's, Dendrobaenas and Redworm. Lobworms are a good bait when targeting big fish and when fishing flooded rivers. Dendrobaenas are a good bait for feeder fishing with groundbait for Bream. Redworms are a good hook bait, and catch a lot of fish when used with maggots and casters.
Bread- You can pick up a loaf of sliced bread for about 35p and an uncut loaf for about 50p. You can catch fish on bread flake, bread crust and bread paste. It will catch everything from roach to carp and is a bait you should always take with you.
Cheese- The price of cheese depends on how much, and what cheese you use. For hook bait, Edam is a good cheese which stays on the hook. It can also be made into cheese paste which is usually made of blue cheese which adds the smell factor. Cheese is a good bait to use on rivers for roach and chub.
Coarse fishing