Tips For Eels
Mashed Fish-
When you are fishing for eels it can pay to put a swimfeeder onto your rig filled with mashed up fish. You can also mix mashed fish with worm flavoured grounbaits and use it as loose feed.
Dead Maggots-
A good bait to use as loose feed are dead maggots. When they are in the water they just lie on the bottom and send out a sent to the eels.
Eels usually feed at night and use smell to hunt rather than sight. Smelly dead baits fished on the bottom is one of the best rigs to catch them.
Cut Them-
When fishing with dead baits& lobworms for eels, it's a good idea to cut the bait up so the juices come out in the water.
More Lobs-
When using lobworms don't be shy of putting two, three or even four on a single hook. An eel will have no problem in swallowing them.
Pre-bait a couple of swims with chopped fish for a couple of days before you intend to have a session. This will let the eels gain confidence in feeding in them and they will visit these swims regularly. It's best to have an evening session after the pre-baiting because this is when the will be on the hunt for food the most.
Coarse Fishing