Meat Baits
Luncheon Meat - A tin of meat from a supermarket will cost about 60p. But if you buy flavoured or coloured meat from a tackle shop it is more like £1.75. Luncheon meat is the most popular used and can attract big carp, chub and barbel. If you fish with the meat cut into cubes and bites are wary then try ripping a piece off and putting it on, this can sometimes fool even the most wary of fish.
Meaty Bites- Meaty bites are chunks of meat covered in different flavoured oils. A tin will cost about £2.20. The oil really does give off a smelly scent trail when in the water and they stay on the hook and hair rigs well. If you fish on a water which is being hammered by normal meat and bites become slow this is the bait to change to.
Peperami- Peperami's cost about 60p each. They can work well for carp & barbel all through the year. They are usually fished on a hair rig and can stand long range casting aswell. Both the red & green peperami's work well and can get fish feeding on the slowest of days. This is a handy bait to keep in your box for just such a day.
Meatballs- Meatballs cost between 60-80p a tin and are best when they are fished on a hair rig. Until recently they accounted for the British record barbel and they are growing in popularity between carp anglers. The gravy which comes with the meatballs can be mixed in with groundbait to add a bit of an extra meaty kick. This is another bait which should be tryed down your local lake when bites are hard to come by.
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