Particle Baits
Sweetcorn- A tin of sweetcorn from a supermarket will cost about 35p. But if you buy flavoured and coloured corn from a tackle shop it will cost more like £1.75 a can. It works best in the summer for big fish such as carp, barbel and tench, but can also be a good alternative bait to try on popular lakes in the winter. It's worth trying different flavours when bites dry up.
Hemp- Hemp usually cost's about £1.50 a pint. You can use it on the hook but usually it's used as loosefeed when trotting with a stick float or laying a bed of bait down for the bigger fish. You can also buy it uncooked and this means you can add flavours if you want when boiling it. To prepare hemp simply soak in cold water for about 12 hours, boil for about 3 minutes and finally pour the boiling hemp and water into a bucket and leave for another few hours. When you have drained the water from the hemp it should be a dark black colour with the insides starting to show. It's a good idea to cook allot at one time and freeze about a pint in each bag.
Peanuts- Peanuts are a great bait as long as you prepare them properly. First you need to soak them for about 24 hours in water. Then you need to boil them for about an hour until they go soft. Warning: Find out if you are allowed to use them where you are going first because allot of fisheries have band them from being used. This is due to the fact that if you don't prepare them correctly they will soak up water when the fish has eaten them and swell up causing the fish stress. If you are not sure about preparing them ask your local tackle dealer. When fishing with them a simple hair rig with one or two nuts is brilliant for carp, tench and bream.
Tares- Tares can be bought from your local tackle shop uncooked. You then need to boil them in water with a pinch of sugar until they are soft enough to hook. They are normally used when you are fishing with hemp for roach. On the hook they can pick out the bigger fish in the shoal.
Tiger Nuts- Tiger nuts are a great bait but be warned allot of fisheries have band them. You can buy them in pots already prepared in most tackle shops but they aren't cheap. But if you buy in bulk uncooked then they can be allot cheaper. But you need to cook them well because tiger nuts soak up water and swell if not cooked properly and can cause the fish extreme discomfort. To prepare them simply soak them in cold water for about 24 hours, then boil them for a good 30 min's.
Coarse fishing