Pellets & Mixers
Mixers- You can buy mixers from your local supermarket and they will usually set you back about £1 for a small box. You can add your own colours and flavours relatively easily. You can fish with them on a hair rig or glued to the hook. They work best in the summer when the fish are on the top and will catch carp, rudd and chub.
Soft Pellets - Soft Pellets/hookable pellets are generally used when pole or waggler fishing. A small pot usually cost's about £1.60 and are a great bait on commercial stillwaters. These pellets shown are slow sinking which help when the fish are hovering up the bait they leave the bottom allot quicker than normal pellets. They work really well when fished with small sinking pellets being using as loose feed.
Sinking Pellets - Sinking pellets come in many different sizes, flavours, colours and prices. But you can pick up a pint bag of basic pellets for about £2-3 and they are a great bait. There are many ways to use them but the favorites including hair rigging them or using a bait band. The bigger ones are usually used more for hook bait and the smaller ones as loose feed.
Hemp Pellets - Hemp pellets are relatively new and cost about £2 per bag. They make great loose feed for carp and break down well under water. They also work well on slow flowing rivers where roach & bream are present. You can also water them down and mix them in with ground bait.
Soft Floating Pellets - These fishy, floating, soft & durable pellets are great for fishing on the surface and on the drop. They can also be popped up with light rigs. They release a kind of oily smell when put into the water and can have fish queuing up to take them when you are fishing on the drop. They are easily hooked on and can stand a half decent cast. If your local lake gets bombarded with surface fishermen then this bait can often get the most wary of fish feeding.
Coarse fishing