Tips On Perch

Here are a few tips which should help you catch a few stripy's

  • Dawn & Dusk- Perch are low-light feeders and will often feed more at dawn and dusk. They like to lurk around cover during these times waiting for prey.
  • Maggots- If you are fishing with maggots use red ones. It is a well know fact that red maggots are more attractive to a perch than the others.
  • Snip the Tip- If you are fishing with lobworm's as your hook bait then it is worth just sniping the tip of the worm off. This releases a scent trail into the water and can help perch find your bait in coloured water.
  • Loose feed- Chopped worm and caster is a great loose feed for perch. There are worm flavoured groundbaits which you can also add in with the chopped worm and caster.
  • Unhooking- Always carry a set of forceps and a discorger with you when fishing for perch. They are well know for swallowing a bait deep.
  • Trotting Worms- If you are fishing a river try trotting a float with a big juicy worm as hook bait past features like weed beds. Perch will almost always be lurking around these areas .
  • Scatter- If you are fishing in a venue which has no pike and you see small fry scatter on top of the surface, this is a clear sign that the perch are on the hunt. Quickly drop a bait on top of this area and the perch shouldn't be far away.
  • Spinners- A small spinner retrieved past a sunken tree or feature will often tempt out a perch with a lightening take. It's worth using light traces, line and setup as long as there are no big pike around.
  • Minnows- Minnows can attract the bigger perch in a fishery. Simply hook the minnow through the lip on a size 10 hook and fish near a feature like lily pads or a overhanging tree.
  • Popup Worms- When you have located perch try an air injected worm to tempt the largest fish in the shoal. You can buy a bait syringe from your local tackle shops but be careful using it because you could still do damage.
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