The Perch (Perca fluviatilis)
Perch are most people's first fish which is usually down to the fact that they love to feed around the margins.
They are one of the most colourfull fish in UK waters and can reach around 7lb. When nothing else is feeding you can depend on a couple of perch turning up in your swim. It may be the smallest predator in UK waters but it will put up a good scrap when you hook one. Perch are boldly coloured fish with a puple-black back, green-grey flanks and a white belly.They are easily recognizable by the dark bars on the side of the fish and the dorsal fin with 15 sharp spines on the back. They can be found in rivers, lakes and canals all around the UK. Perch like to hide around features in the water such as trees, weed, overhanging banks and various other places where they can hunt. Perch feed naturally on crustaceans and insect larvae and as they get older they start to eat insects other fish and even each other. Catching Perch can become quite addictive.
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