Perch fishing
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If Perch are around then worms are a killer bait.

I have been fishing a local stretch for the best part of 9 months and i have often encountered the odd nice sized perch. So knowing that they were in residence I decided to have a short session and try out a rig that had been suggested to me. So armed with a feeder rod and a tub of lobworm's I headed down the riverbank. I was using a soft tipped feeder rod and reel setup and 3lb mainline. The rig that I decided to try was a simple and light leger rig and consisted of a size 10 hook and a couple of small number 4 shot gently pressed onto the line about six inches away.

The whole idea of this rig is when you have put the lobworm onto the hook it gives you enough weight to cast it out to where you want. The flow of the water then lets the rig and worm bounce across the bottom until it rests up against things like weed beds and other holding places for Perch. This can bring on an instant take at times due to the greedy predatory nature the have. You can also move it around like a sink and draw method to cover more river bed. Fishing this way means you will loose the odd hook and shot but the rewards are far greater.
The first hour was spent walking around looking for swims to drop a bait into. I chose a swim with a weir pool and a slack section just below. Within 10 minutes of the first cast the tip flew around and a Perch just under 2lb came to the net. After a couple of Chub in the net I decided to move to a swim I had previously caught from. It has a small water outlet where lots of fry hang around and a deep hole under a near by tree. After and few missed bites which were probably small Roach I flicked the rig under the tree and the tip flew around again. This time it was a nice 2lb 6oz stripy. The rig and bait are very simple but so effective. But it really pays to do your homework and find an area with a good head of Perch. T.Bawn
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