Spinning for Perch
It's always the way. It's raining, your on your own and you have forgotten your scales. You are bound to catch something worth weighing! This happened to me whilst fishing my local river on a rainy march day. The weather had just warmed a little from a cold snap and with all of the vegetation in the water died right back and the water clear I knew there was a chance of a decent Perch. So I decided to walk along the river with a light spinning outfit and try to cover as much water as possible.

Almost straight away I had that unmistakable head shaking from a Perch. Just a tiddler at 8oz or so but in lovely condition.

A little later and after a small Chub I had another Perch, this time around a pound. And again in lovely condition and very colourfull. They stand out that little bit more in the winter when everything is a little dull and dim.

Anyway I was on my way back to my car when I decided to stop and have a few cast's around a overhanging tree. I also knew that in the summer there were lily pads there and I had watched a big Perch chasing fry. On the second cast the tip flew round and straight away I thought it was either a decent Perch or a Pike? I couldn't believe it when I got it into the net. A PB for me by a long way but it was pouring with rain and I had forgotten my scales!!! So I can only guess what my PB is? Still I will be back again and this time with scales and a friend to takes a decent picture.

I have caught Perch to 2 1/2lb and this was a lot bigger. If anyone would like to have an educated guess feel free to drop me an email to [email protected]

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