Pike Fishing

The ultimate predators in UK waters.

Pike are widespread throughout the UK and can grow to 50lb plus.

There are always anglers somewhere in the UK with a deadbait in the water or a lure thrashing through the water. Hooking into big pike is an experience you won't forget in a hurry especially when they jump out of the water and tail walk across the surface. The attraction of catching pike is very obvious after such an experience.

Some facts about Pike-
Pike are found in lakes, rivers and canals. Young pike often lie close to the surface amongst plants. Adults lurk in deep water under cover like vegetation etc. They have a torpedo shaped body with the dorsal and anal fin close to the tail. There head is pointed and the lower jaws have several massive fangs with hundreds of small sharp teeth on the palate. The colouration of a pike is a greenish brown on the back, greenish on the sides and flecked with gold lines and speckles on the sides which sometimes forms bars. When it comes to natural food they will eat anything from fish and frogs to water voles and ducklings. All big pike are females. Male pike only reach about 12lb in weight.
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