Predator Baits
Sprats- Sprats usually come in packs of 10-12 and will cost about £2.20. These are usually the cheapest dead baits you can buy but deadly effective. They will catch all of the predators in UK waters and come in a couple of different colours including red and orange.
Roach- Roach cost about £3 a pack which is a bit on the steep side but if there are pike & Zander in the water then there are usually roach around. This means the pike & Zander are already hunting and eating them so having one on as bait works really well everywhere.
Mackerel- Mackerel cost's about £1.99 a pack and give out an amazing oily scent trail. You can fish mackerel whole or in halves and they stay on the hook well.
Sardines- Sardines have soft skin which means you can bury the hooks into the flesh well but cuts out long casting. They are very oily fish and let out a nice slick once in the water. Eels are partial to a big smelly chunk of sardine fished on a size 4 hook.
Sandeels- Sandeels are being used more and more these days and have had a lot off success with perch and small pike. They cost about £1.50-£2.00 per pack and can be threaded onto your hook with ease.
Strips of liver- Strips of liver are a great bait for eel's and cost's about 60p per pound. If you freeze it before you go on an eel session it will hook on better and cast further. You can also soak liver in worm extract from your local tackle shop which helps give it an irresistible smell.
Squid- Squid are becoming very popular with anglers fishing for catfish. The skin is tough and is good when casting. Eels also like a nice head of squid. A pack of squid cost's about £1.60 and can be refrozen a couple of times.
Coarse fishing