Barbel & Chub on the river

The weather was warm and i decided to take a trip to my local stretch and have a go for the big chub and barbel.

After a couple of days of hot sun I decided that a trip to the river was going to be a good call. In july the weather can get very hot and bright but I knew of a couple of shaded spots on my local river where chub and barbel love to hang out. I initially went with the aim of targeting them with boilies but when I arrived at my local tackle shop I spotted a bag of Nash pellets with the words monster barbel on the bag. At £6 per bag i hoped they would be worth it!
I decided to fish a small weir and as a second option the run off from the weir which turned into a nice shallow run. My setup was simple. A stiff quiver tip rod and reel setup, 6lb mainline and a simple sliding leger setup. The leger weight was as small as I could get away with and I used a plastic leger stop instead of a shot which gives practically no resistance. Hook sizes varied from size 12-14 due to the hitting of trees!!
I fed a handful of the pellets into both swims and lightly cast my rig just downstream of them. Always holding onto the rod instead of using a bankstick. Every bite I had made the rod fly round so I wanted to be attached to it. After picking up a couple of chub to about 3lb from the weir I moved down to the lower shallow run. As soon as I dropped my line into the water the tip flew round and a barbel went steaming up the river.
It turned out to about 4 1/2 pound which was great because not only did it give me a great fight but was my first barbel!

From then on it went crazy with two more barbel coming out and about 14-15 more chub ranging from 2-5lb. It was great fishing and I even moved the leger weight to within 6 inches from my hook to help with casting under the trees on the opposite bank and it didn't seem to matter. I also started putting the pellets onto the hook using a bait band but was soon just nipping them onto the hook. Surprisingly they were easy to nip on and stayed on the hook well. Some of the chub fought as good as the barbel and it was nice to feel tired from rod bending action. I was really targeting the barbel but when your catching chub like this you soon forget about just barbel.

More adventures to come from this stretch in the future. T.Bawn

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