Feeder fishing for big Roach

A lifetime chasing a 2lb Roach ends with a 2lb 1oz beauty from a local stillwater.

After a lifetime of fishing, one milestone has avoided Alan Phillips. A 2lb plus Roach. Once thought to be 'the' milestone of coarse fishing before Carp became so popular. But when Alan was told that a local lake held fish to near 3lb he couldn't resist giving them a go.
A maggot feeder fished at about 50 feet out was supposed to do the trick if the fish were around and in feeding mood. So armed with a couple of pints of maggots several sessions were fished between January and March with good catches of Tench to 5lb but a no show on the Roach side. So on Easter sunday I went along with Alan for a session on the lake with an open mind on what we might catch.

The weather was warming up with a few sunny spells and as we arrived on the lake we noticed a few fish topping. So we headed for these swims and chucked our feeders out. At first the fishing was fairly slow but gradually we started catching the odd Tench. Still great fishing but where were the Roach?

After a few hours I heard a commotion going on in the next swim and a very happy Alan calling for the scales and camera. At last a Roach! And what a beauty. 2lb 1oz of fin perfect Roach. Caught on the feeder and two red maggots on the hook. At last Alan had passed the 2lb plus Roach mark, and you could tell he was just a little bit happy about it.

We fished the rest of the day happy in the knowledge that a 2lb plus Roach had been caught and anything else was a bonus. More nice sized Tench fell for the feeder at a gradual pace and finished the day off nicely.

No more Roach but it's nice going home knowing you have just had a days fishing you will never forget.

Now where is that 3 pounder!

Alan Phillips & Tristan Bawn

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