Feeder fishing for Roach

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Open end feeder fishing on small rivers.

With the river full to the brim with water the potential of catching a few quality roach was increased. When small rivers like the river Frome near Bristol go up in flood there are plenty of eddy's and slack channels of water left in the various bays. So we decided to take a trip for a couple of hours in early feb. We decided to target the roach with open end feeders full of bread crumb with worms on the hook.
The bread crumb is just fresh bread ground into crumb and the worms were from the garden so a cheap way of fishing too. There's no need to use a heavy feeder rod when fishing for roach so we decided to put our thin tips on and drop down in line strength to 2.5lb main line. To make the rig simply slide on an openend feeder followed by a small black bead. Then tie on a hook length. We used 1.7lb line with a size 16 hook on it.
Then put on the stop shot on the mainline to stop the feeder from sliding off the rig. When you have completed the rig it should look like the rig to the left. Hook the worm on twice to avoid sitting waiting for your rod to bend round with no worm on it. We had a choice of swims to chose from when we arrived and we ended up choosing a nice slack stretch of water and gently swung the feeder into the middle of it.
It didn't take long for the tip to fly round and the first roach to be in the net. That was shortly followed by another a little smaller. After a short blank spell it became obvious that it wasn't going to be one of those red letter days but there was a weird catch near the end on the session. A bullhead which was either getting eaten by the worm or had big ideas. When the roach are really feeding you can get a netfull.

But for a short session we didn't do to bad and there was of course the ones that got away!

Proof if proof was needed that this method works well. On small rivers roach just can't seem to resist this way of fishing. It's cheap, effective and easy to use. Try it out.

T.Bawn & J Stone

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