Tips On Tench
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Here are a few tips which should help you catch a few Tench

  • Dawn & Dusk- Perch are low-light feeders and will often feed more at dawn and dusk. They like to lurk around cover during these times waiting for prey.
  • Eyes Peeled- If you keep your eyes peeled on hot summer days you can locate tench lurking under features such as trees. You can also look for concentrated groups of bubbles which can often be tench feeding on the bottom. If you are in a swim and you can see tench feeding on the by bubbles try dropping a lobworm over these bubbles. This can bring on a instent take.
  • Fishy Paste- If you are going to use paste as a hookbait for tench it's worth mixing the paste with the juice from a tin of salmon rather than water. This gives the paste a lovely fishy smell. This works very well in darker coloured water.
  • Tench Swims- If you are fishing on a lake/canal you should be looking for things like lily pads, weedbeds, rushes and other features. Tench like to feed and hang out in these areas so fishing right next to them is a good start. It's similar on a river but the slower strethces being the favorite spots to find them.
  • Overdepth- If you are fishing with a waggler it pays to fish over depth. Simply plumb your depths with a plumet weight untill you get the correct depth. Move your nearet shot to the hook about 6 inches away from the hook and tighten. Then move your float up 6 inches. This then means that when your float is in the water the shot nearest the hook is on the bottom and you have a 6 inch lenght of line which will lie accross the bottom and this will be out of the way of your float rig. This will stop you getting false bites from fish swimming into your line and will more importantly won't spook the fish.
  • Liquidised Corn- Liquidised corn can work really well as loose feed for tench. Simply empty a tin of corn into a liquidiser and liquidise. Drain of the juice so that you are left with a sticky mush and use this as loose feed. A couple of pieces of corn on a hook fished over this mush can be deadly. And don't chuck the drained juice away because it makes a great binder for groundbait.
  • Raking your swim- If you fish a weedy lake, pit or reservoir you will know that it can take time to find a clear patch. Well there is a way to have relatively weed free days Tench fishing. Simply get and old rake and remove the handle. Attach a strong piece of rope to the end from which the handle came from. This gives you a the means to remove the weed from the bottom of your chosen swim. Always ask the the people who run the fishery or club whether it is okay before you go ahead though. When you get the go ahead then simply peg down the end of the rope well and throw the rake into the swim. Then retrieve it and pull the weed out onto the bank or into the margins. It may take a couple of hours for the Tench to feel confident to visit your swim but when they do there will be plenty of natural food as loose feed as well as your bait. This works best in the summer when the weed is at it's full growth and can bring on big results.
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