The Dangers
You may surprised to know that fishing in general is the most dangerous sport in the world. More people have died from drowning, electrocution and disease from fishing than most of the other sports in the world put together.
Deep Water- If you can't swim then avoid fishing in deep water. Some places can be ten feet deep right in front of your feet. If you fell in here and couldn't get a hold of the bank you would be in serious trouble. Fish shallower lakes with level bank's. If you do fish deep water swims then be aware of the possible dangers around you like unstable banks, slippery tree routes and so on.
Strong Currents- When a river is up in flood or fast flowing the currents can be very strong and in some cases will drag you under and keep you under. This also happens around waterfalls where you can be dragged under the waterfall and pinned down under water. Great care is needed wherever you go on the rivers. Checking how good a footing you have in your swim can often make a difference.
Overhead Power Cables- Overhead power cables have claimed a number of people's lives who were fishing with poles and made contact with the cables. Never fish under power cables and always look where you are casting. Most club waters and fisheries fence off the swims which have power cables crossing the swims but care is still needed.
The Cold- In the winter the temperature on a river or lake bank can get very cold. Make sure that you wear plenty on layers of clothing, with thermal wear being the favorite choice. Hats are a must because you can lose allot of heat through the top of your head. Hypothermia can come on very quick and is surprisingly easy to get if you are not dressed correctly. A good tip is to take one more layer than you think you need even if its left in the car you have the option.
Veils Disease- Veils disease can be passed on by rats through there urine. This disease has killed in the past but usually makes you very sick. To avoid getting this disease there are things you can do like keep your hands away from your mouth especially when you have seen rats near your swim. Wash your hands before eating but not in the river or lake. Keep your hands away from any holes which may have a rat taking up residence. Finally never touch a dead rat on the bank if you have to move it use a bank stick.
Even though there are dangers to go with fishing as long as you follow the simple rules of safety by the bank you will have many relaxing hours of fishing.
Coarse Fishing
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