Cod Fishing in the Bristol channel
Location- Ladye bay just outside of Bristol.
Aim- To catch a Cod, which had been fairly scarce up to this date.

A clear day in November after quite a bad couple of weeks seemed like the ideal time to go back to Ladye bay and plonk a bait in. The last couple of years the Cod haven't been around as much and with the previous trip all eels I went more prepared to catch eels and see what else would pick the bait up. So with the eels in mind and after the success of the last trip I took two whole mackerel, a small box of squid and the trusty bottle of fish attractant.

I arrived early in the morning to a clear sky and a fairly cold offshore breeze. Maybe my casting would improve with a bit of wind power!!! but I might also freeze. So I settled into a nice gap between two boulders and went to work on the rigs.

With Eels in mind I set the first rod up on a running leger rig with a single hook bait but on a twin hook rig. I put a nice chunky piece of Mackerel on making surf the hooks were fairly free to improve hooking. I then injected the fish with a fish oil attractant which I have found to work really well in brown water where smell is all important. First cast, slightly into the bay of Ladye Bay and back into my protective gap in the rocks.

I had just set up the other rod when I noticed the tip bouncing around. I struck and felt the fish on. It didn't feel like an eel! I wound in trying to keep my rig and the fish up in the water away from snags and as it came into the rocks a Cod around 2-3lb appeared. Finally the Cod were showing. After so many cod less days it was a bit of a relief.

But I had caught it on mackerel which I have never done before and fairly close into the bay. So I quickly baited up again as a few people arrived next to me. After seeing my Cod they to were eager on get their rods out too. They also told me of how the cod were coming out in numbers around the Severn Beach area which made me sit there organising my free time in my head. A trip for the future no doubt.

High tide came and went and one of the guys pulled out another Cod around 3lb on lugworm and squid cocktail. Proof my fish wasn't a one off. And it also made me have a try with the Squid I had brought.

After an hour of constantly striking at tiny knocks on the tip which I couldn't hit and with time getting on I decided it was time to leave. Happy with the Cod I had caught I brought my rods in. And hanging onto the bait of the last rod was a Whiting. That was what was giving me the little knocks. So knowing this I will return with a lighter rig to see if I can catch a few more. And I will definitly be back for more Cod. T.Bawn

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