Fishing for Dogfish at Blue Anchor bay
Location- Blue Anchor bay in Somerset.
Aim- To introduce a beginner to catching Dogfish.

Dogfish are one of those fish that are always obliging in the summer months even when everything else seems to have disappeared. So with this in mind and Alastair (a beginner in the art of sea fishing) wanting to have a go we decided we would target them at Blue Anchor bay in Somerset.

We chose a big tide in june with high tide at around 10pm. This meant fishing into darkness which sometimes produces the bigger fish. We had also heard reports of Bass and Turbot coming out in the area so there was also a chance of catching something bigger.

We arrived at the bay with plenty of time and setup on the sea wall just in front of the caravan site.

The rigs were kept simple with two on single hook clip down rigs and two on double clipped rigs. For bait we used mackerel slices, whole squid and sprats.

Soon enough the tide was rolling in and we were soon casting out into the murky water hoping for a doggie.

It started almost immediately with plenty of small taps on the rod tip which we put down to the Whiting and Pouting that also patrol the beach. Then the rod tip bounced away and i gave Alastair the nod to strike. The first dogfish of the tide came up the sea wall and into the hands of a chuffed beginner.

Because we were sharing the rods to maximise the chance of him catching something we agreed to take it in turns to land a fish. But typically as these things happen, every time i was baiting up a rod or casting one out the rod would bounce around and Alastair would be in the right place at the right time. So after 4 hours of watching the sun go down, Alastair had 4 dogfish to his name. Still that's the way it goes! No Bass but still a great session! T Bawn

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