Fishing for Dogfish

Again we were fishing from St.Davids head in Pembrokeshire at a spot well known for it's dogfish. For this sort of fishing we use a fairly stiff beach caster and reel set up with about 20lb main line. The bait we choose to use was mackerel due to previous visits and a tips from the locals. The rig we use is a simple rig and seams to work well for doggies in this area. Although using a breakaway lead is advisable in the summer when you are fishing in and around thick weed beds.

When it comes to casting out here it doesn't seem to make too much of a difference if you launch it out or just flick it out. When the doggies go on their patrol for food they come in pretty close to the rocks, so if you can't cast out your lead out of sight you will be fine here.

It really is a nice place to fish when conditions are good like they are here. And of course their are so many other species which could pick up your bait.

Doggy on!

Not the biggest dogfish in the world, but a first for Haydon. When you can catch them to this size they can be great fun and put up a really good fight.

One thing to remember when you are handling dogfish is that they will wrap their tails around your hands and wrists to try and make you let go. So you may think, but when their skin is like sandpaper they could do some damage. A tip is to hold their tail against their head in the same hand whilst you unhook them.

They are also good to eat and are known in the restaurants as rock salmon.

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