Sea Baits
Ragworm- At about £12.00 per pound ragworm can be expensive but you can usually get away with about £5.00's worth for one session. But be warned they have pinchers and will take great delight in nipping you when you are putting them on the baiting needle. The best way of fishing with these are when you thread them onto the hook with a baiting needle.
Lugworm- Lugworm are priced similar to ragworm and can also be threaded on to hook. Once on they stay on well over long distance casting. The best way of fishing with these are when you thread them onto the hook with a baiting needle. Again they also work well when they are tipped with a piece of squid.
Squid- Squid are a great bait for all types of sea fish and is easily available at a reasonable price. They are quite resistant from attacking crabs and hold well on the hook when cast at distance. You can fish them whole for cod, conger etc or as strips for the smaller fish like garfish and whiting.
Peeler Crabs- A peeler crab is a crab which is about to shed its shell. When this occurs the top shell goes soft and this is when they are ready to use. You can collect them yourself from rocky areas but if you can't do this then you can buy them from some tackle shops which will cost you about 70-90p each. But this is a top bait a works almost everywhere.
Sprats- Sprats cost about £2 a pack and are a great bait. They can be threaded onto the hook or just hooked through the head. They work well when fished under a float near rocks and weed.
Sandeels- Sandeels cost about £2 a pack and are great fished as pieces or threaded on the line with a baiting needle. They can come off at long distances so bait elastic is advisable if you need to cast so far.
Mackerel- Mackerel is one of the all round sea baits and will catch almost every kind of fish. It lets off a great oily smell and is used on shore as much as on the boats. You can use slithers, chunks, flappers, heads, the list goes on. This is always a great back up bait to carry.
Cuttlefish- Cuttlefish is not an easy bait to get hold of, but when you can it is advisable to buy extra for the freezer. It is a good bait to use for conger and because of its rubbery flesh it is very crab resistant. But you have to remember that cuttlefish are full of black ink which will stain everything so care is needed when freezing it.
Sea Fishing
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