Squid Wrap
This was just an idea and may look a little crude but in the Bristol channel where the water is very cloudy and muddy and smell is essential it is the ideal hookbait. It's very simple and is very smelly. Get a whole squid and slice down the length. Take out the guts and discard. Then thread the hook through the squid a couple of times and make sure the hook is clearly showing. Fill the squid with lots of smelly bait for example crushed peeler, chopped ragworm/lugworm, mashed fish.

Wrap the squid around it and using bait elastic wrap around untill the wrap is secure and nothing falls out. This will release all the good smells into the water when on the bottom and should attract fish from a mile off.

If you have success with this method let us know. We are currently trying it and have had good results.

Visitor's comment.

Hi there. I have been fishing using the squid wrap over the past year and have had good success with many species. There are loads of different things you can do. At the moment I'm pre making thin squid sausages, using mackerel or sand eel as the filling. You can then slide them onto the hook using a baiting needle and then tie them of with a bit more elastic.(a pennel rig is best) I found pre making them meant my fingers didn't get so cold.


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