The Dangers
You may surprised to know that fishing in general is the most dangerous sport in the world. More people have died from fishing than most of the other sports in the world put together.
Rough seas and freak waves- When you are fishing the sea can be your worst enemy. Here are a few examples:- When you are fishing from rocks freak waves can wash you from them easier than you think. Falling from rocks and tripping over is common when fishing this way and can be deadly if fishing at height. Fishing from sandy beaches can also be dangerous aswell with incoming tides cutting anglers off onto sand banks every year. And of coarse fishing on mud banks can be extremely dangerous with deaths ever year from people getting stuck and cut off.
The Cold- In the winter the temperature on the shoreline can get very cold. Make sure that you wear plenty on layers of clothing, with thermal wear being the favorite choice. Hats are a must because you can lose allot of heat through the top of your head. Hypothermia can come on very quick and is surprisingly easy to get if you are not dressed correctly. A good tip is to take one more layer than you think you need even if its left in the car you have the option.
Night Fishing- When you are night fishing everything becomes more dangerous. The trick to safe night fishing is to go to places you know well and take plenty of light. One of the best lights being a headlight which you can wear when you are walking and will light the way ahead. If you go somewhere you do not know you may be unaware of dangers like steep drops and incoming tides cutting you off.
Even though there are dangers to go with sea fishing as long as you follow the simple rules of safety by the shore you will have many relaxing hours of fishing.
Sea Fishing
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