Fishing for Tope at Blue Anchor bay
Location- Blue Anchor bay in Somerset.
Aim- To introduce a beginner to catching small Tope.

Another trip to Blue Anchor bay in somerset nearly turned out to be a washout but hey it's august!

We arrived at the see wall in the nick of time just as the tide was reachable with a decent cast but the weather was looking a little suspect. But a big tide was predicted so we were hopefull of a good session.

We chose a spot on the sea wall where the beach varies from sand to slightly rocky areas where we hoped something would be patrolling. Especially the dogfish and tope.

The rigs consisted of a 2 hook clipped rig with size 1/0 hooks and a single hook clip down rig. On the single we put on a nice chunk of mackerel and on the two hook rig two strips of squid.

Again because Alastair is new to sea fishing we were sharing rods and taking it in turns to strike on a clear bite. But this time I was first. And it didn't take long before the rod with squid on started to bounce about and out of the choppy brown water came a small tope! Not a monster but a tope and the first fish to be caught on the sea wall so far. A great start.

Around 20 minutes later and Alastair struck on the same rod and also lifted a small tope up the sea wall. This was great because it meant another new species for Alastair and just in the nick of time as the heavens opened and we dived in to the car!


That was all for us on that tide but as it started to get dark a small lad further up the wall started getting all excited with his dad as he lifted a strap conger almost as long as himself. It was great seeing him so happy with his catch and posing for his picture.

There was also talk of a few big smoothounds being caught there so we will be back for sure. No huge fish but a great trip none the less.

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