Ilfracombe (North Devon)

Ilfracombe- There are a couple of places to fish from in Ilfracombe one of them being Capstone Point. This is the rocky area below Lantern hill in the middle of Ilfracombe. From mid November to the end of February there are some big cod caught here. There is also the pier which is free to fish and you can catch pollock, coalfish, cod, conger, wrasse, whiting, bass, flatfish and the occasional bull huss. Baits like peeler crab and squid work well for the cod and bull huss and razor fish, ragworm and strips of fish work well for the other species like the pollock. Float rigs work well from the pier in the summer. At high tide half of the pier is covered by water so its best to fish a couple of hours leading up to high tide and a couple of hours after from this point.

For more information on these marks call:

  • Variety Sports, 23 Broad St, Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 9EE, Tel: 01271 862039.
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