St.Davids Head (Pembrokeshire)

St.Davids Head- To get to St.Davids head you need to park in Whitesands bay and get on the coastal path which leads straight to the point. There are many places to fish from with rocks jutting out into the sea from every angle. You can expect to catch, doggies, pollock, wrasse, bass, various flatties, bull huss, smooth hounds, makerel, coalfish plus a few others at various times of the Year. Tope have also been caught from the shore around the area so they are about. Float fishing strips of fish and squid work well close to the rocks here for the coalfish, pollock and bass. A big chunk of makerel or squid cast out on a lead setup will tempt the doggies and bull huss.

And ragworm and lugworm fished on a light rig cast 100 yards out will bring the flatties and makerel. Feathers in the summer can catch alot of makerel and spinning and plug fishing will tempt the bass. It is really worth trying different ways of fishing from this mark because just a slight change in tactics can bring alot more fish.

Check out how Rich Jay got on float fishing from this mark.

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  • There is a shop in St.Davids where you can get plenty of bait, supplies and helpfull information. If this is your shop drop us an email and we will add it to this page.
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