Aust (Bristol Channel, Somerset)
Aust- Aust is a long stretch of grassy bank between the two Severn bridges which are pretty featureless at low and high tide. In the winter the grass banks can become very muddy and slippery so care is needed. It is split in two by a deep gully which can be crossed by the road. You are fishing over mud flats which vary in height and can be a problem in shallower water because your lead can bury itself in deep. The mud here is very soft, so venturing out onto the mud flats before the tide comes in is not advisable. The favorite mark is at the far left-hand end, towards the new Bridge. In the winter you will normally catch cod and whiting and in the summer you can catch flounder, eels, sole and the odd bass. The best baits here seem to be lugworm, peeler and ragworm.

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