Brean (Bristol Channel, Somerset)

Brean Farm- This mark is situated in front of Brean touring farm. From the beach car park it is only about 100yards. In the winter fishing consists of codling, cod to double figures, whiting and flounder. In the summer you can expect Bass, large pouting, thornback rays, silver eels and conger to 20lb are often caught.

Brean Down Caravan Park- This mark is situated in front of the Brean down caravan park. In the winter Flounder are taken on ragworm and some whiting and codling show. In the summer cod can be caught on peeler crab baits fished at a distance. Evening tides will produce flounders, bass, silver eels and the odd conger.

Brean Cafe- This mark is situated in front of yes you guessed it Brean cafe. In the winter codling, whiting and flounder are the main catches. As the weather warms up thornback ray can be taken on mackerel, ragworm, squid and lugworm cocktails. Through the summer bass, silver eels, flounder, conger and the odd sole can be caught with the best baits being ragworm, lugworm or razor. Also when the tide is out there are large quantities of lugworm here and they make a great bait for the cod in the winter.

Brean Down- Brean down is the most popular mark in Brean and is the headland right of brean cafe. It can produce cod, pouting, conger eels, whiting and flounder. A cocktail of peeler crab and ragworm fished next to the rocks can produce conger up to 20lb, cod, large pouting and whiting. But if you are after the conger you will need heavy gear to deal with the fish and rocks.

Brean Down, Brean Fort- This mark is on the tip of the down and will produce cod to 20lb to whole squid baits between December and January. September onwards the cod range from 4lb-7lb on ragworm, lugworm and peeler crabs. Thornback ray into double figures can also be caught here along with whiting, pouting, bass and flounder. The bottom is mainly broken rock with the odd sandy patches.

Brean Down, Howe Rock- This mark is right of the Brean fort mark. The water is allot deeper here and about 100yds out there is a deep gully which is favoured by thornback ray and bass. The cod fishing here is good and they range from 8lb to 20lb most winters. Lugworm, ragworm, squid and peeler crabs are the best baits. But if you are after the conger you will need heavy gear to deal with the fish and rocks.

Brean Down, Sprat Bay- This mark is right of Howe rock and is mainly rocky gullies covered in kelp. Double figured cod can be caught here on lugworms, ragworms, peeler crabs and squid. You can also catch bass, whiting, pouting, flounder and conger eels here.

For more information on these marks call:

  • Colin's Tackle, 258 Milton Rd, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, Tel: 01934 644296.
  • Knightstone Angling Centre, 8 Upper Church Rd, Weston-super-mare, Tel: 01934 419996.
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