Ladye Bay & Clevedon Pier (Bristol Channel, Somerset)

Ladye Bay- Ladye Bay is situated between Clevedon and Portishead and produces a lot of fish when conditions are right.

Thornback Rays, Whiting, Pouting, Eels, Cod, Sole & Dabs can all be caught here. Peeler crabs and squid usually catch the majority of the cod and thornback rays. Lugworm, ragworm and fish baits also work well for the smaller species. The coast line is very rugged and Rocky but relativity flat in areas so finding somewhere to put the rod tripod shouldn't be a problem. When you cast out you are fishing over rock onto mud & sand. When the tide is low the rocks can be a bit of a problem. Rotten bottom gear is a good idea to limit the loss of gear.

You want to cast about 100 yards plus to get onto the mud/sand. You can catch off the ledges at any point of the tide but the beach needs to be fished 2 hours up and 2 down to avoid rocks. One word of warning, in the winter when the Cod are coming thick and fast it can get crowded so you need to get there early.

Clevedon Pier - Fishing from the pier is relatively comfortable with loads of places to position your rod but you will have to buy a day ticket on arrival. In the winter the wind chill factor is pretty severe because the pier is so open so take your thermals. There is no fishing from the pierhead unless you are a member of the clevedon pier sea anglers club. From the pier you can get a better cast onto the mud and sand and there are nets available for landing the big ones. For more information on the Clevedon Pier Sea Anglers Club visit their website.

For more information on these marks call:

  • Olivers Angling, Alexandra Rd, Clevedon, Somerset, Tel: 01275 871590.
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