Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa's great wonder of the world)
Kilimanjaro is the worlds highest free standing mountain and is 5895m or 19,341ft above sea level. Described as the roof of africa it's attraction to mountaineers is understandable. On Jan the 27th 2005 myself and a group of fellow climbers summited at around 8.30am. We did the Machame route so most of this section is based on that route. I think we all agreed that it was the hardest but most rewarding thing we have ever done. I don't think we could have ended up with a better group of people to climb with. Whilst I was training and sorting out my kit I really had to search the net to find out answers so... hopefully you can find all the answers here. Most of the information is from our own personal experience's from this trip. If you want to know about anything else which is not on this section then feel free to drop me an email.
Jambo Mambo!

After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro we decided to spend the last day on a safari in the local Arusha National Park. The safari was half walking and half driven and was a great experience. The cost worked out to be around £15 each, which covered the park fee, minibus and armed guard to escort us around the park. There was just so much to see in this park that you just didn't know which direction to look. None of the pictures can truly explain what it's like to be walking around a park with all the wild animals in their natural habitat but it may give you an idea. Click here to see a few pictures from that day.

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