Stella Point
If you do the Machame route then Stella point will remain in your memory forever.

It's about a mile from the summit which is in the background of the picture, but it's the top a mind blowing 8 hour trek from the last camp up steep slopes which are mostly rocky, gravely, slippery, dusty and really hard to trek up. The relief of getting to Stella point is amazing. It was more exhaustion and the need to get off tired feet and legs which made us collapse here! The lack of air was also a factor, not to mention the sunrise and stunning views taking your breath away. After plenty of water and forcing down a couple of chocolate Brazil nuts we carried onto Uhuru peak to complete the trek but I personally will never forget the feeling of reaching Stella point and collapsing in a heap knowing we were nearly there.

A great moment never to be forgotten. T.Bawn

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