Visa's for Kilimanjaro

You need to get a visa for Tanzania for climbing Kilimanjaro. You can get these visa's in the airport at Kilimanjaro but the airport is so small that the staff look almost part time so doing this could be a bit of a gamble. We sorted out our visa's in advance from Travcour which were very quick and easy to use but of course you have to pay a handling charge. This is the way which we would advise you get them to save any problems in Tanzania.

If you have never applied for a visa before then here is the simple guide on how to. Go onto the Travcour website and fill in the Tanzanian visa form which can be found by searching through the countries on the site. Press post and this will send it on its way. Then print out the form which they tell you to and fill that out. You will need to put it in an envelope with your passport and 2 passport photo's. You can pay by card online but if you are paying the fee by check include that too. Then send it to the Travcour address provided and make sure you send it by special delivery because remember you have your passport in that envelope so if you were to lose that your trip may well be over.

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