Peru is a vast country with many different areas to visit. The following links should help you plan a trip there and just find out more about this great country.
The Machu Picchu Library
Loads of information about Machu Picchu and the surrounding area.
A site full of the Andean history and the Incas.
Full of great information and statistics about Peru.
Peru, Land of the Ink as
A great site full of information about the different areas in Peru.

UK-Active Breaks

Tours into the Manu jungle from just £199 from Cusco.

You can choose from a list of different tours which are very flexible to your needs. Treat yourself to that once in a life time trip. See the jungle first hand, camp under the stars, explore the many paths and see more wildlife than you can ever imagine. All under the close watch of local guides who will show and explain why the jungle is so important to this planet.

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